Waste Management, Willamette Valley OR

PCD’s team has been providing on-call surveying services to Waste Management since 2009.

  • PCD’s survey team responds to all survey requests quickly while maintaining a high degree of accuracy, attention to safety and detail.
  • PCD maintains most of the historical record data for the Hillsboro Landfill, and has earned the trust to work directly with other consultants as well as the contractors.
  • The strength of our performance has led to internal referrals that have resulted in additional survey and small civil design contracts with Waste Management at eight additional facilities throughout the Willamette Valley.
  • Services provided include:
    • Virtually all survey support at the Hillsboro Landfill
    • On-call fill operations staking to ensure new material is placed in accordance with final permitted grading plans
    • Conventional surveying techniques and unmanned aerial vehicle services to correctly map and quantify the amount of asbestos material placed monthly
    • Complete topographic, boundary, and ALTA surveys at the Hillsboro landfill
    • Establishing horizontal and vertical control for new cell construction, topographic surveys, unmanned aerial vehicle service surface modeling and quantification, benchmark monitoring for slides, and deep soil mixing for berm construction
    • Monitoring new cell construction by collecting information on a grid system using robotic total stations paired with GPS during each layer’s installation
    • Surveys directing excavation of 120,000 cubic yards of peat material to stabilize areas of new cell construction
    • Providing horizontal and vertical as-built information of landfill liner, asbestos, water, leachate collection, and installation of gas wells
    • Topographic survey of multi-acre water quality facilities for volume analysis
    • Obtain grading permits for paving and drainage improvements
    • Provided expert support for both 1200-C and Tier II CAR requirements for DEQ on numerous sites