Portland General Electric, PDX Metro OR

PCD’s team has been providing on-call survey services to Portland General Electric (PGE) since 2016.

  • Our team responds to all land surveying team requests quickly and is called upon for projects with tight deadlines and complexities that require attention to detail.
  • PCD’s team worked on PGE projects including:
    • Faraday Dam
    • Orient Substation
    • Evergreen Substation
  • Services provided include:
    • Drone and aerial services for hydroelectric projects where topographic information obtained by conventional surveying techniques is impractical
    • Production of high-resolution imagery for PGE’s engineering team, allowing them to view multiple angles of a project throughout the design process
    • Preparing legal descriptions and exhibits for recording utility easements
    • Performing field survey of site conditions including overhead and underground utilities, power poles and guy anchors for easements
    • Establishing horizontal and vertical control for site construction and topographic surveys
    • Integrating unmanned aerial vehicle data for monitoring, and boundary resolutions
    • Conducting topographic, boundary and ALTA surveys for the design of Evergreen Substation in Hillsboro, Oregon
    • Preparing and record Partition Plat for Orient Substation in Troutdale, Oregon
    • Preparing as-built surveys for new utilities requiring easement updates, control setup for GPS calibrations and construction staking, aerial surveys for existing conditions and post construction verifications
    • Conducting drone flights used for aerial imagery topographic data collection at Faraday Dam in Estacada, Oregon, for new powerhouse design and construction
    • Integrating GPS, robotic total station, and unmanned aerial vehicle used for data collection of utilities and street improvements