North Bethany, Washington County OR

PCD collaborated with Polygon Homes (now Taylor Morrison) in development of over 200 acres in Washington County, OR.

  • PCD’s team has been responsible for concept development, land use entitlements, construction design and permitting, final plats, and construction management and as-builts.
  • Our team coordinated with Clean Water Services in design of a stormwater management plan that integrates community parks and open space with public facilities to develop holistic regional systems that provide natural runoff conveyance, stormwater detention and monitor downstream watersheds.

Project Elements:

    • Development of 7 separate planned developments that provide a variety of housing options and mix of uses including 1,152 single-family detached/ attached homes and 282 multi-family units
    • Main street design that provides pedestrian and bicycle connections to civic and commercial center to parks and open space throughout the community
    • Community amenities that promote a quality urban design including walkable streets, community gathering places and focal points, multi-modal transportation connections, variety of green spaces, and family-friendly character
    • Analysis of sewer system to identify upgrades required to support development of needed housing
    • Analysis of transportation system to identify the most viable alignment for development opportunities and recreational spaces that also minimized impact to existing natural resources
    • 20% of land area dedicated to parks, trails, and open space designed in coordination with THPRD who will manage trails and parks