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Brynhill, North Plains OR

PCD collaborated with our client Costa Pacific Communities, the City of North Plains, nearby residents, property owners, and local and regional governments to design and develop the master planned community Brynhill in North Plains, Or. We are currently working with our client, Lennar Homes, to implement development within the master plan area.

  • PCD’s team has been responsible for concept development and land use entitlements including Preliminary subdivision, Lot Line Adjustment, Design Review, and Annexations.
  • PCD’s engineering team performed a utility analysis and designed Brynhill Master Plan public and private utilities to tie into existing infrastructure and to adequately service existing and future development.
  • Our team coordinated with the City on the update of the Transportation System Plan to design the right-of-way in compliance with the new standards.  PCD considered feedback from City staff and community members to produce alternatives that were analyzed to identify the preferred collector road design that improves safety and traffic management.

Project Elements

  • Master Plan for 73-acre expansion area
  • Development plan that includes over 500 residential units,  commercial development, streets, stormwater management facilities, parks and trails
  • Development designed to provide a range of housing options and a mixed-use area that allows for flexibility in development to respond to future market conditions
  • Development of a Community Elements Book, an Architectural Pattern Book, and supplemental documents to direct development and provide guidance for large-scale community elements, architectural standards, materials, and overall design patterns that ensure a unique sense of place is established in the community
  • Active engagement with Clean Water Services and the City’s Parks Board to integrate water quality facilities and open space throughout the Brynhill community
  • Roundabout feasibility and future connection concept plan to support future UGB expansion