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Our Story

PCD-Story-2008Housing market crashes and Alpha Community Development shuts its doors. Jim Lange, Stacy Connery, Mike Killion, Jodie Inman, and Patrick Espinosa decide to take a leap and create Pacific Community Design

PCD-Story-2009Working out of Jim’s house, the new owners start establishing PCD within the development community. Travis Jansen joins the ownership team to establish a survey department. Staff doubles in size….to 10.

PCD-Story-2011PCD picks up where Alpha left off and continues development in the award-winning Villebois Village. Staff expands to 17 with full planning, civil engineering, and surveying services…and the house is getting a little crowded

PCD-Story-2013PCD moves to Main Street in old-town Tigard, working with the building owner to redevelop an old cold storage building into the amazing workplace we enjoy today….right next door to Fanno Creek Pub

Work expands into the North Bethany and North Plains areas. Staff increases to 25 and Kerry Lankford joins the team to help establish a Landscape Architecture Division. Finally fulfilling our dream of creating the smallest park in the history of Main Street.

PCD starts work in the River Terrace neighborhood in Tigard, helping to promote new stormwater management programs. The office space expands for growth. Erik Graham and Mike Killion establish a UAV Services Division…. we think it’s really cool we can say we have several licensed pilots on our staff l. Plus, we designed an amazing skatepark!

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Leading with Core Values


Promote team collaboration & communication.


Build relationships
based on mutual respect, both personally & professionally.

Well Being

Foster the well being of our employees and partners.


Act with integrity.


Have a long term perspective in all that we do.


Create positive impacts by seeking solutions & win-win outcomes.

Stacy Connery
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Michael Killion
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