The Team to Build With

Here at PCD we understand that people are our greatest resource and that we are part of a larger team helping to build communities for people to live, work, and thrive within. We understand that time and cost are critical to project success and we work to leverage our technical expertise and our people skills to facilitate projects through all stages of design and review.

We will work closely with your team to help build your business one project and one community at a time. We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box to solve challenges in new ways that enhance the project and community overall. Reach out to us and let our practical, approachable, and resourceful team help yours.

Our Story

PCD Our Story 2008Housing market crashes and Alpha Community Development shuts its doors.

Jim Lange, Stacy Connery, Mike Killion, Jodie Inman, Rod Rowan and Patrick Espinosa decide to take a leap and create Pacific Community Design

PCD Our Story 2009Working out of Jim’s house

The new owners start establishing PCD within the development community.

PCD Our Story 2011

PCD picks up where Alpha left off and continues development in the award-winning Villebois Village.

PCD Staff expands to 17 with full planning, civil engineering, and surveying services…and the house is getting a little crowded.

PCD Our Story 2013PCD moves to Main Street in old-town Tigard.

Together we worked with the building owner to redevelop an old cold storage building into the amazing workplace we enjoy today….right next door to Fanno Creek Pub.

PCD Our Story 2013-2015Work expands into the North Bethany and North Plains areas.

Staff increases to 25 and Kerry Lankford joins the team to help establish a Landscape Architecture Division. Finally fulfilling our dream of creating the smallest park in the history of Main Street.

PCD Our Story 2015PCD starts work in the River Terrace neighborhood in Tigard.

The office space expands for growth. Erik Graham and Mike Killion establish a UAV Services Division…. we think it’s really cool we can say we have several licensed pilots on our staff. We also designed an amazing skatepark!

2020 has brought numerous challenges to the table for all of us.

We meet each challenge by placing people first, banding together, and being resourceful and resilient. We continue to monitor and implement Oregon’s guidelines for Covid-19 safety. We support equity and human rights for people of all walks of life. We support our communities recovering from the Labor Day fires. We support first responders serving our communities during these events. We seek to leverage the influence that we have, to contribute to positive long-term outcomes.

We are happy to be back in the office working together on a wide variety of projects around the region!

Leading with Core Values

PCD Relationship Icon

Build Long-Term Relationships

  • Focus on mutual respect
  • Act with Integrity

Promote Team Collaboration

  • Emphasize effective communication
  • Foster well-being of team

Be Solution

  • Create positive impacts
  • Advocate Long-term perspectives

Core Team

Patrick Espinosa
Patrick EspinosaPresident/Civil Engineering Manager
Stacy Connery
Stacy ConneryPlanning Manager
Michael Killion
Michael KillionProject Manager
Travis Jansen
Travis JansenSurvey Manager
Travis “T2” Griffin
Travis “T2” GriffinSurvey Crew Manager
KC Schwartzkoph
KC SchwartzkophProject Manager
Erik Graham
Erik GrahamUAS/Design Specialist
Kristina Koltavary
Kristina KoltavaryLandscape Architecture Manager

“I can’t express enough how valuable my relationship with PCD and its principals has been over the last two decades. They have been instrumental in the design, engineering and entitlements of two of America’s Best Master Planned communities, Orenco Station and Villebois. They have served not only as a consultant, but at times as a direct extension of the Costa Pacific Communities’ staff saving me countless dollars over the years. They have provided us with innovative solutions with rainwater, transportation design and community layout as well as representing us with distinction in the jurisdictions in which we develop.”

—Rudy Kadlub, CEO, Costa Pacific Communities